High Rise House

3000sf Duplex: 72nd Street & York Avenue, NYC
Photography: Eduard Hueber

Two identical 1500sf apartments that are stacked one above the other on the 28th and 29th floors in a Manhattan high-rise are connected to make a 3000sf duplex. The two levels are joined by cutting through the reinforced concrete floor and installing an open-riser steel stair.

On the upper level, an open living/dining space with an expanse of windows provides an extraordinary view of Midtown and the East River. Here the walls are sheathed in wood, and the floors are covered with gray terrazzo. The open space becomes a public “piazza” in the sky for family gatherings and entertaining guests.

Daylight spills down the open stair and unexpectedly provides natural light in the center of the lower level that is devoted to a private suite of bedrooms. The openness of the upper level gives way to separate sanctuaries for solitude in the city.